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Girls win In Lancashire
Head coach shattered after 2, two day events within one week in Scotland and Lancashire, open the ev...View

Comps early start for girls
Sotland bound...View

National Autumn Times
Times released...View

Lots of changes being seen
Flags taken down and new coaches...View

Arabian Invited to show...View

  • Alan Armitage Head Coach
  • Alice Day
  • Andy Young
  • Becky Matcham
  • Bex Whatmore
  • Bryony  Hallett
  • Committee members
  • Cristina Farley
  • Debra Bucknell
  • Donna Armitage Director
  • Ellie Hewitt
  • Ellie-May Goodall
  • Emily Ashley
  • Faye Treadwell
  • Fitriana Taylor
  • Glenn Gamotis
  • Hannah Bond
  • Hannah Thomas
  • Heidi Ramos
  • Irene Puleston
  • Jaye Thompson
  • Jo Armitage
  • Kirsty Lubbock
  • Kyla Howton
  • Loraine Willson
  • Loz Albertella
  • Lucy Johnston
  • Naomi Harding
  • Nicole Kirby
  • Pam Lynch
  • Poppy Gibbs
  • Sammii Willson
  • SarahJane Donnell
  • Sophie Clarke
  • Sophie Peers
  • Vicki Donnell
  • Wendy Kitching
  • Zoe Wickham

Arabian Gymnastics Club Welcome

Arabian School of Gymnastics is a non profit children's charity situated within a new modern leisure centre in the famous Code Breakers town of Bletchley, near Milton Keynes. The club a predominately girls club has 500 registered gymnasts on its books, with another 300 un- registered from Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. Having said this, there are many boys that attend the recreational classes daily.The charity is very proud to be sponsored & supported by Milton Keynes and Sandy based The Engineering Quest.
The club operates many recreational tutored classes 7 days a week. TELEPHONE 01908 647060

Wanting a party? Click here

September 20th  Hannah Bond wins two golds and Sophie Fretwell win 4 medals making her the most prolific medal winning gymnast in the clubs history not failing two in in over 2 years of comps.All Gymnasts performed well to win 25 medals in two day comp in Lancashire click here
September 10th: Please note that the prices that are in our brochures are not the same as what is on this website. There has been a small increase as of September the 1st.
August 18th : All the flags have been taken down and washed as Alan prepares for the big display to be fixed directly under where the flags show. Click here for more
 August 6th:  Breast feeding at Arabian statement Click here 
July 18th: Arabian is pleased and excited to announce we have received funding of £24,000 pounds ring fenced over three years to support the apprentice management programme of Hannah Bond. The club is incredibly thankful for this most wonderful donation in directly assisting the development of one of our longest serving personnel.
July 18th: 11 gymnasts travel to Fenland on Sunday to take on over 90 gymnasts in the first ever senior advanced recreational competition. Good luck girls from everyone at the club X  story click here
July 16th The club would like to wish Michelle Freeman all the very best as she has moved on and we would like to go on record to thank her for all her help in coaching at Arabian over the years. 
July 6th  Youngsters steel, steals the show as Ruby Raynor takes three medals one the Gold on beam and Elise Grayson the first ever dwarf to ever be entered into a 4 piece event by the club took an amazing silver on beam. full story click here
 July 1st: Saturday Tricksters are to see an upgrade as well as a new class being introduced as from September 5th 2015 Click Here
June 19th: Arabian is the first gymnastic club in Great Britain to try out the new Olympic Gymnova hydraulic  which is due to be in place in the next week or so
 June 14th: The 2015 Club championships was a huge success with hundreds of medals and trophies being awarded to nearly 300 children over two days. For more info and pictures click here
May 15th  The International Roses results are on this link
May 2015 : The International Roses held in Milton Keynes by Arabian was a huge success despite being over subscribed. Thanks to Olympian and GB gymnast Lisa Mason who attended the event and to the sponsors who also gave out medals and trophies that they sponsored.
April 22nd: The International Roses has a record 349 gymnasts attending on May 3rd at the event Arabian is holding here in Milton Keynes. Times are within the news section and competition section above. Listing of times are being handed out to each gymnast and are listed on the board in reception. anyone NOT sure MUST contact the club ASAP

Feb 16th: Girls in wind chill of -27 battle the severe wind and cold of Chicago. But in the gymnastic arena they turned the heat on their US hosts beating a large number of them as they accumulated 7 medals with each gymnast winning.   CLICK HERE                                                                                                                      


The club has pay as you go baby and toddler sessions where parents /guardian may attend the venue to play with their child and often socialize with others. The club has a quite wonderful family feel to it with many staff that have been with the club for many years and the bright vibrant colours and clean smelling facility is a huge draw to the 650 additional children and parents that attend these sessions from all areas of Milton Keynes.

In 2006 it was famously awarded sports club of the year for the whole of Buckinghamshire being the only gymnastic club to reap such a prestigious high award. It has also gained SportMK awards of team of the year in Milton Keynes and many other awards for individual successes. The club is a registered children’s charity and has like many charities it depends on business people or kind individuals to make donations to assist the club with its high costs of rent, equipment and re-furbishment costs.

Gymnasts from Arabian have gone on to represent their country in Rugby, Football and Martial arts. The sport is the foundation of development for children to perform in many others sports, a great deal of the top level girls at the club do Athletics, Martial Arts, Korfball, Dancing, Football, Netball. As a club although we want to develop girls to the best of their abilities, we also promote their involvement in other sports offered at schools.
2014 will see the club enter it's 15th year.

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